Accommodation & Team-Area

Directly on the festival area at the Harkortturm we offer you pitches for teams, caravans, campers and tents. Additional parking spaces are available at the Harkortsee (about 1.5km away). Also fresh bread and rolls are available from Saturday for our campers early in the morning on Harkortberg. 

Attention: The available parking spaces are limited! We ask for an early parking space reservation via the form below.

From Thursday (07.06.) we can not process any more camping space requests! Many requests have already been received, should still be desired a place, please notify you locally on the responsible marshal at Ruhrbike-Camping. There are no more parking spaces available on the event ground Harkortberg (except club / team tents without cars & electricity, arrival no later than Saturday 7 am).

Friedrichstraße 64
58300 Wetter (Ruhr)

Below you will find further accommodation options for Wetter (Ruhr) and the surrounding area:

Ringhotel Zweibrücker Hof

Burghotel Volmarstein

Ruhrpension Wengern

Stadt Wetter (Ruhr) - Hotels & Pensionen & Ferienwohnungen

14. - 15. September 2019 in Wetter (Ruhr) | germany | UCI-C2

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