Cross Country Race track

The start and finish of the XCO races are located a few meters apart, directly at the Harkortturm on the festival area. From the start, it's about a long meadow climb to the 4.8 km long route with 165 meters altitude difference. The track has proven itself over the years in various NRW Cup races, Bundesliga races and a German championship. Of course we will also be modifying some sections for 2019.

After the meadow rise, it goes to the start loop directly back to the festival area for a second time in the climb. From here you turn off into the first demanding ABUS-Downhill. Strongly rooted passages, smaller jumps, stone fields, steep curves; All elements are represented in this downhill. It follows a long Trail-Uphill, before it goes downhill again to the creek crossing. A long steep climb and various descents bring the drivers down to the Schnodderbach, the lowest point of the route. From here it goes steadily uphill with an exhausting steep climb to the highest point on the Harkortberg. If the last root fields have made it from the ascent, the target is already in sight on the festival grounds. At the races on Sunday the Sparkassen-Trail-Arena joins with some steep descents and steep climbs. On Saturday, the Sparkassen-Trail-Arena is occupied by the slalom race of junior classes.

A route map can be found in the official Technical Guide (will follow).

14. - 15. September 2019 in Wetter (Ruhr) | germany | UCI-C2

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