XLC 3-Nations-Cup

The XLC 3-Nations-Cup is an international race series in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. This series consists of 8 international races in the categories C2, C1 and HC and has already attracted numerous professional riders to NRW in recent years. In 2022, the final of the XLC 3-Nations-Cup will be held at the ABUS-Ruhrbike-Festival in Wetter (Ruhr).

The races of the XCO-NRW-Cup will be integrated into the XLC 3-Nations-Cup. The general regulations for the XLC 3-Nations-Cup and the XCO-NRW-Cup apply.

Important: The race of the U17 class will also be integrated into the race of the junior national league. The starting line-up for the XCO will therefore be in the order of the result of the skills parcours held on Saturday. Those who do not take part in the skill parcours will start at the end of the field of riders, this also applies to foreign athletes! See general announcement junior national league U17!

All important information can be found in the official Technical Guide.

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24. & 25. September 2022 | UCI-C2

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