XCO-NRW-Cup & ARAG-Student-Cup

Around the Harkortberg, cross country races for all performance and age groups are offered at the ABUS-Ruhrbike-Festival.

Our U11, U13 and U15 students start in the ARAG Student Cup powered by Time & Voice, our hobby bikers can compete in the 88 minute race of the NRW Fun Cup and our license drivers can be powered in the XCO NRW Cup by cycling Nagel on the track at Harkortberg.

The XCO-NRW Cup races will be integrated into the XLC 3 Nations Cup. The general tenders for the XLC 3 Nations Cup and the XCO NRW Cup apply.

All important information can be found in the official Technical Guide (English).

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19. - 20. September 2020 in Wetter (Ruhr) | germany | UCI-C2

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