Skill parcours U11, U13 & U15

The technical module of the student races will be held as a skill parcours. As usual in the ARAG Pupils Cup, a result is formed from the technical module and cross country (50% each) in the classes U11, U13 & U15. The starting line-up in the Cross Country will be on the same day after the overall ranking in the Cup.

The skill parcours is a competition with several natural (meadow slope etc.) and artificial obstacles (e.g. made of pallets) and is ridden through individually. For each obstacle there are different levels of difficulty that can be chosen and give corresponding points. The exact rules can be found in the general announcement of the NRW Cup.

General announcement XCO-NRW-Cup (Anhang 6, Seite 15)

24. & 25. September 2022 | UCI-C2

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