New Homepage & new Ruhrbike-Design

The mountainbike season 2018 has begun and the first races in the XLC 3-Nations-Cup and XCO-NRW-Cup have already been completed. For this year's ABUS-Ruhrbike Festival on 09. to 10.06.2018, it is not so long.

So time to tell you the final information about the planned process, which can be found in the Technical Guide and the schedule. Our new homepage presents itself in the new Ruhrbike design and provides the basic information also in English. Many thanks to the ABUS-Team for the new design1

Completely revised was also the contact form for requests of teams and accomodations. In addition to the available space categories (including the respective space fee), specific information that is needed for the further parking space organization is also requested.

Just have a look at our new homepage ...

14. - 15. September 2019 in Wetter (Ruhr) | germany | UCI-C2

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