Finals & National Championships 2020

The date 2020 is fixed: from September 19 - 20, 2020 the ABUS-Ruhrbike-Festival will take place again as an international C2 race in Wetter (Ruhr). Besides a run to the XCO-NRW-Cup and the ARAG-Schüler-Cup, the final of the 3 Nations Cup will be held at the Harkortberg. In addition, the new champion jerseys will be awarded at the final run of the German Championship in the classes U15 and U17.

Since we are already receiving initial enquiries, here is a note: We expect to provide an online form for reserving team pitches and campers in June 2020. Until this date we will not be able to consider any requests (not even by mail)!

More information also at Facebook & Instagram #abusruhrbikefestival

Many thanks to the team of Exventure for the videos of the ABUS-Ruhrbike-Festival 2019:

ABUS-Ruhrbike-Festival 2018:


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